Boundary Creation

The Student Assignment Plan Leadership Committee and Cooperative Strategies held boundary creation meetings for principals on Feb. 13 and 14 and on Feb. 27 and 28 for staff, students, parents and community members. During the meetings, small groups used maps and online tools to redraw district boundaries. Each of the small groups participating in either the elementary/middle or the high school meetings created what they felt was the best option that aligned to the creation parameters.

Cooperative Strategies presented the data from the boundary creation meetings and together with the Student Assignment Plan Leadership Committee, developed three elementary/middle and three high school options to present to focus groups.

Community Input

On April 2, 3 and 4, focus groups comprised of principals, staff, students, parents and community members reviewed the three boundary options, provided input and discussed the advantages and limitations of each option.

At eight open community meetings (April 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 and May 6, 7 and 8), participants had the opportunity to work in small groups and offer additional feedback.

Cooperative Strategies also provided an online survey between the focus groups and the open community meetings to garner additional feedback from anyone who was interested. The results of the survey were posted to the website.

Following the focus and community meetings, the Student Assignment Plan Leadership Committee, Cooperative Strategies and representatives of Bond Program Manager Jacobs Engineering Group held an internal work session to review initial boundary creation data, option alignment to the creation parameters and feedback from the community to draft the final recommendations to the Board of Education.

Board of Education Information and Action

The Board of Education received boundary change process updates throughout the process.

The committee presented its final recommendations to the board on August 19.

The Board of Education is tentatively set to vote on the recommendations on September 16.