The Omaha Public Schools recognizes and supports the need for planning for the future of our school district. To accommodate current and future needs of OPS students, a bond issue went before the Omaha voters and passed overwhelmingly in May 2018. The bond program includes funds to build five new schools: two elementary, a middle school and two high schools. Locations of the new schools are as follows:

·         New elementary at 10th and Pine Streets
·         New elementary at Ft. Crook and Childs Road
·         New middle school at 42nd and Y Streets
·         New high school at 60th and L Streets
·         New high school at 156th and Ida Streets

As a result, the district needed to create boundaries for the new schools.

The Student Assignment Plan Leadership Committee,  in collaboration with its consultant Cooperative Strategies, led a three-phase boundary change process, which included boundary option creation, community input and Board of Education information updates.

Representatives of Cooperative Strategies and Student Assignment Plan leadership gave a final boundary  recommendation to the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education.

The Board of Education approved the recommendations on Sept. 16.

To download a copy of the approved recommendation, please click here.

Click here to download a PDF version of the boundary process timeline. 


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